ESSOR Program - Component 2: Support for Investment Projects Promoting Productivity and Business Expansion (Loan)

Administrator: Investissement Québec
Source of Funds: Provincial Government, Canada
No Deadline


The purpose of this component is to support projects aimed at accelerating the productivity growth of Quebec companies through an innovative technological transition or the acquisition of new technologies or to promote the realization of investment projects in Quebec as part of the establishment or expansion of companies from here or elsewhere. Funding is generally provided in the form of a repayable contribution, a loan guarantee, or an equity investment. In rare situations, funding may also be available as a non-repayable contribution/grant.

This program is available in French only.

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Funding Limits

Eligible Expenditures

  • Max $100,000
  • Government Loan
  • Long Term Assets
  • Other
  • Application Fee: None

Contact Information

Guidelines and Forms

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Please note that all information requests will be sent to the program's administrator. The response time may vary for each organization.