Administrator: ENCQOR - Volet Québec
Source of Funds: Provincial Government, Canada
No Deadline


Financing for IT projects will be made available for technology projects in pre-commercial mode to develop and test next-generation products and services using ENCQOR 5G digital infrastructure and technology. The technological projects involve the development and testing of platforms, of new 5G-based next-generation products and services or contribute new knowledge about 5G networking. The projects must have TRL ratings of between 1 and 7.

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Funding Limits

Eligible Expenditures

  • Max $66,000
  • Max 50.0% of Project Cost
  • Any
  • Application Fee: None

Contact Information

Guidelines and Forms

Antoine Auger, Director of Business Development
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Please note that all information requests will be sent to the program's administrator. The response time may vary for each organization.